Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Has Arrived! Time to Review the Last Few Months of the Dow Dominion Garden

The last post I wrote about the garden was back in late June, and a lot of stuff has changed since that point.  I thought I'd show my readers what has happened in the time between then and now.

Although I am attempting to convert a large portion of my garden to a system of edible perennial plants, there will always be a spot for in the yard for growing classic annual favorites, like tomatoes.  Today, I'd like to offer a glimpse at what both annual and perennial plants produced for my family to eat over the summer season.


Tomatoes - My tomatoes were glorious this year!  So many delicious tomatoes were eaten by the entire Dow family this summer.  The "Brandy Boy" variety started to ripen in early July, with the rest of the varieties blushing shortly thereafter.  With the exception of "Rio Grande," they have been putting out delicious tomatoes for us to eat ever since.  Production has slowed to a crawl, however, over the past month, as early blight, cooler temperatures and shorter days all have played a part in limiting each plant's growth.  Still, we were able to eat fresh, delicious tomatoes all summer long and have plenty to share with relatives, friends and neighbors.

Green Brandy Boy tomatoes just starting to change colors
July 11th, when the tomatoes first started turning colors
Almost fully ripened Brandy Boys
Brandy Boys almost completely ripe