Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The DD's Comprehensive Guide to Saving Money by Growing Your Own Food, Part I: Compost

I was struggling with choosing what aspect of this guide I would use as material for part one of my frugal food-growing guide.

I wondered if I should start by explaining how to find the best price on seeds.  Seems like a reasonable place to begin.  Or maybe I should first talk about which vegetables will produce the biggest bang for the buck.  After all, we should know that information before even planting the first seeds, right?

I thought about the topic for this post for a good week, unable to make a decision.  Then it finally hit me... compost.

"Really?  Compost?  That's what you're starting with?  How droll!" is probably what you're thinking.  Or you're wondering what the meaning of "droll" is.  Don't worry, I had to look it up, too!

Anyway, yes, I decided to center my first article of this guide around compost.  And for good reason.  Compost is the foundation that this whole guide is based around.  It's the single best soil amendment for plants, and it can be made by anyone, for free.