So what is the Dow Dominion, and who is it written by?

Well, I don't want to make any pretenses about who I am.

I'm not anyone certified or credentialed to give advice about anything.  I don't have any degrees or diplomas.  I'm just a guy who likes to research, experiment and document with all of my hobbies and learn better or more efficient ways to do them.  That's pretty much it.

My blog is partly an attempt to collect my ideas and processes into a somewhat organized list of the things I've been working on, or plan to work on in the future.  It also helps me remember topics that I would have otherwise forgotten about.

I also use the blog as a way of spreading knowledge that I have found particularly useful to others whom it might also benefit.  I will never claim that my collection of ideas and practices are perfect (and perhaps, at times, completely wrong), but the information is out there for everyone to learn and try it out for themselves.  Although I like to use credible scientific references in my articles, most of what I write on my blog is drawn from personal experience.

Most of all, my blog is where I can express my interests to others without pestering my friends and family with my ever-expanding knowledge base.  I'm sure you can think of someone you know that is just so into a hobby or topic that it gets annoying to hear them talk about it all the time.  That is what I want to avoid.  The Dow Dominion is my creative outlet, and it helps me to communicate my interests without being overbearing.

My blog does not have a central topic, and that will probably never change.  I am interested in too many things to only write about one topic that I enjoy.  This may put off some of my readers who are looking for specific information and nothing more.  I've tried to collect similar articles under general topics, to make searching for specific information on my blog easier.  I encourage you, however, to poke around and see what else you might find helpful or interesting... there are plenty of topics to explore here at the Dow Dominion.

Finally, I'd like to say that although I may decide to utilize Google advertisements to make some extra income from the blog in the future, I will NEVER knowingly alter the content of my blog to reflect the interests of a company or product.I will always strive to present truthful and accurate information (barring my own ignorance) to my readers.  This is a promise to my readers that I will keep as long as the Dow Dominion is still going.

Feel free to spread what I have learned to others.  I don't even care if you give me credit if you learned something new (although it would be nice :).  I want to improve myself and the world around me, and spreading the knowledge that I gained to others via my blog is the best way I can do that.

I hope you enjoy reading through my little piece of the internet.


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