Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feel better and move better (for free)

Today, I thought I would post links to some articles I have particularly useful for the mobility/flexibility aspect of my training.  These articles took a bit of searching to find, but were well worth the trouble since each article has a good explanation of all the exercises/stretches and what they do, without a lot of vague information and anecdotal commentary.  Here they are:

Looking for a Catch-All Mobility Drill? Look no further - This is my favorite of all the articles thus far.  Short, sweet, to-the-point, and written by well respected sports rehabilitation specialist Eric Cressey.  This mobility drill is easy to learn and perform, and requires no equipment.  It's great before doing a lower-body workout, but I think it feels so good in general that I would recommend it to people who don't even exercise.

The Stretching Roundtable, part II - Although there isn't much in this article as far as exercises go (and my hatred for Chris Shugart ), I think most of the information that is discussed is quite valid and is important for athletes to know--and, to a lesser extent, the general population--to prevent injuries before and after workouts.  Warning: There is some adult humor on this website.  If you are offended by such jokes, you should probably stay away.

Lower Body Warm-Up -10 Minutes to Better Performance - This article has a wealth of good information about pre-workout mobility/flexibility drills and how to perform them.  Mr. Tumminello's muscle/CNS activation routines are also pretty useful and a lot of people in the fitness industry recommend similar pre-workout strategies (although that doesn't necessarily make it effective, from a scientific point of view).  I personally employ some of the exercises mentioned in the article in some of my own workouts.  However, my one gripe is I wish the videos would just show a simple demonstration of how the exercise is done instead of Mr. Tumminello blabbing on for five minutes over an exercise that takes 10 seconds to perform.

The Great Eight Static Stretches  - These are some of the simplest, yet most effective static stretches for pretty much everyone.  My favorite is the "Kneeling Wide-Stance Rock-Back Stretch".... it feels so good!  Great for after long days at work or a few hours after a workout.  Written by Eric Cressey, Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson to boot.

Well, that's it for now.  I hope you folks out there in internet land can make this information useful to you as well.  I will be keeping my eyes open for similar articles and post an updated list in the future.

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